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The Cottage Garden



Cottage Garden Vinyard Flower Arrangement




Vase Flower Arrangement

Vase Arrangements

Vase arrangement $75. Basket arrangement $95. Pail arrangement $125.

Sarah's handmade Martha's Vineyard Crates - With Flowering Plant $65, With Orchid $85

Vase arrangement $85

Sarah's floral arrangements are generous displays of gorgeous garden flowers.

Overflowing, abundant mixtures of fragrance and color.
Lush greens complement vivid blossoms.

Super-fresh, long-lasting, artfully arranged blooms uplift and inspire the heart and soul.
Delivery charges $5 - $35 island-wide.
Please call to place an order. 508-627-3528

Sarah might add a few sprigs of lavender or other fragrant herbs from her seaside flower beds.

Divine posies brimming with the freshest of blooms.